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Ejercicios. Cómo marcar abdominales

Autor: Pepe Selem
6,50/10 (2 opiniones) |824 alumnos|Fecha publicación: 05/10/2011
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Hay 2 opiniones del curso Ejercicios. Cómo marcar abdominales

Sobre el curso: Ejercicios. Cómo marcar abdominales- 15/01/2013

When results are only spoken and nobody gets to know the before and the after, everything becomes a little fake. It happens a lot when you talk about getting results on something but nobody knows if it is true.
People want to get fit and mostly in the waist-line area. People would like to see real results.
This video is showing off something that might not be real and the same happens with all TV commercials who show off people who have never used a working out machine and they are recommending it.
It is good having a teacher encouraging people. The problem is that they talk about results instead of showing the reality about the person who , supposely, has already found an answer to his dreams.
By showing a slim guy exercising...this does not really help the chubby ones who are suffering a little bit.
GeorgeModilevsky in Facebook.


Sobre el curso: Ejercicios. Cómo marcar abdominales- 05/10/2011

este video esta muy bueno para marcar mis abdominales!


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