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Capítulo 12:

 Telephone English Answer Key. Unit 7, 8 and 9


7.1 Orders

Activity 1.

1.     inquire about ordering

2.     catalogue number

3.     for foxtrot

4.     an estimate on

5.     estimate include

6.     shipping and handling           

7.     Do you ship

8.     my order

9.     Delivery times

10.  credit card

Activity 2.

[Audio track 20]

               - Hello, this is RFurniture, how can I help you?

               - How many would you like?

               - What was the catalogue number?

               - So that’s T for Tango and V for violin?

               - What is the price?

               - Was there anything else?

               - We deliver within 3 weeks.

               - Yes, we do accept credit card.

Sample Answer:

1.     Hi, I’d like to make an order for desk units.

2.     I’d like 70 units please

3.     The catalogue number is ytr2346.

4.     Yes  t as in Tango.

5.     The price is one hundred and fifty Euros.

6.     What’s your standard delivery time?

7.     Can I pay by credit card?

8.     Ok thanks very much. 

7.2 Solving problems

Activity 1.


Activity 2.

Sample answer:

1.     Good afternoon Arrowline Courier service, how may I help?

2.     Could you give me a reference number?

3.     That’s t for tango, a for alpha 1 3 4?

4.     Ok I’ll check the status of that item now.

5.     I’ll check the flight times for you.

6.     I’ll call you straight back when I have the information.

7.     Thank you for calling. Bye.

[Audio track 21]

          - It has come to our attention that we have not received payment for your last invoice.

          - The screen of my computer has gone blank and I had an important document opened.

          - The airport is completely snowed in, so my flight has been cancelled.

7.3 Complaints

Activity 1.

1.     made

2.     broke

3.     called

4.     came

5.     sent

6.     was

7.     paid

8.     expected

9.     fit

10.  came

Activity 2.

1.     d

2.     e

3.     c

4.     a

5.     f

6.     h

7.     b

8.     g

[Audio track 22]

               - I’m not sure you sent me the right replacement part.

               - I ordered 23 boxes and received only 20.

               - I expected better service from your company.

               - Your customer service representative was very unhelpful.



8.1 Outbound calls

Activity 1.

1.     Good morning, my name is Helena Reed and I represent Forbes & Hobbes, have you heard of us?

2.     I’m just curious, what kind of company do you run?

3.     Do you use a supplier based online?

4.     I’ll just tell you a little about the company. Forbes & Hobbes is an online suppy based company.  With us, you simply set up a profiles and then you can log in and place your order at your leisure.  It’s easy and quick, and you have every order saved, so you can refer to it in future too.

5.     Thank you very much for your time, would you mind if I gave you a ring in a couple of days?

Activity 2.

Sample answers (1-3):

1.     Good afternoon, my name is Jennifer Bolan.

2.     I’m calling from Henderson & Son

3.     We are a company which offers training to increase staff morale and so productivity.

Activity 3.

1.    type

2.    department

3.    employees

4.    problems

5.    productivity

Activity 4.

1.    We offer high quality courses to train your managers to deal with problems with staff morale.

2.    We also run courses for employees to learn good team working skills.

3.    Our courses are fun and entertaining, and employees show immediate benefits from our training sessions.

Activity 5.

1.       Thank you for your time.

2.       May I call again in a few days?

3.       Let me check back with you later in the week.

Activity 6.

1.     g

2.     b

3.     a

4.     c

5.     e

6.     d

7.     f

8.2 Inbound calls

Activity 1.

1.     Personal touch.

2.     Action.

3.     Advertising.

4.     Efficiency.

5.     Introduction.

6.     Double check.

7.     Politeness.

8.3 Planning a call.


Answers will vary.

Activity 2.

Answers will vary.



9.1 Politeness

Activity 1.

[Audio track 23]

               - a:         Please hold while I transfer you (S)

                              Please hold while I transfer you (not S)

               - b:         Would you like to wait (not S)

                              Would you like to wait (S)

               - c:         Could I have your name please (not S)

                              Could I have your name please (S)

Activity 2.

(Some answers may vary.)

1.     (speaking clearly) Cambell International.

2.     Yes it is sir, how may I help you?

3.     Could I have your name please?

4.     What’s it in connection with?

5.     I’m very sorry, but she’s away from her desk at the moment.

6.     He’s just dealing with someone I’m afraid.

7.     Would you like to wait?

8.     Yes certainly.

9.     I’m sorry, bear with me, I’m just looking for a pen.

[Audio track 24]

               - Hello, yes?

               - She’s out!

               - He’s talking to someone.

               - Wait, I need a pen.

9.2 Telephone manner

[Audio track 25]

               Muriel: Good morning customer services, you’re speaking with Muriel, how can I help?

               Jo:          Good morning. This is Jo Brown from Howard Electrics. I’m calling about some of your                                             products.

               Muriel: I see.  What seems to be the problem?

               Jo:          There is some faulty wiring on the new 0900 blender series.

               Muriel: Really? Oh dear.  That was the 0900 model correct?

               Jo:          Yes.

               Muriel: Do you have the serial numbers on those?

               Jo:          ytpo00 through ytpo50.

               Muriel: That’s great.  If you send them back, we can sort that out right away.

Activity 1.

1.    I see. 

2.    Really?

3.     That’s great

4.     Oh dear. 

9.3 Small Talk

Activity 1.

1.   Is that Gloria?

2.   how are you?

3.   I’m good, how are you?

4.   What have you been up to?

5.    And the kids?

6.     It’s been so long since I saw them. 

7.     Actually that was the reason I called you

8.   shall we say Tuesday 12 o’clock?

9.   well I’ll see you next week then.

Activity 2.

(Sample answers):

1.     We haven’t seen each other in such a long time.

2.     What have you been up to?

3.     How are the kids?

4.     Are you busy with the merger at the moment?

5.     I hear the business is doing really well.

6.     We really should catch up soon.

9.4 Formal vs informal

Activity 1.

(Some answers may vary.)

1.     May I speak to Harriet?

2.     I would like to reserve a table for two.

3.     I’m calling on the behalf of Watson and company.

4.     I wanted to verify that my order was received.

5.     How may I assist you?

6.     Please give my regards to Rachel.

7.     I wish to inform her that I called.

8.     I’d be grateful if I could receive a brochure.

9.     I’d like to enquire about your ticket prices.

Activity 2.

(Some answers may vary.)

1.     Do you know what their company is called?

What is their company called?

2.     I was wondering if you could tell me if you have used our products before?

Have you used our products before?

3.     I’d be grateful if you could tell her I called?

Can you tell her I called?

4.     I was hoping you would have a free moment to speak to me today?

Have you got a free moment today to speak?

5.     I’d like to find out what your shipping prices are?

What are your shipping prices?

6.     Would you be able to tell me when you expect her back today?

When do you expect her back today?

7.     Could you give me a brief outline of your proposal?

8.     Are you able to put me in touch with marketing please?

I want to speak with marketing please?

[Audio track 26]

               - May I please speak to Toni? (F)

               - I want a brochure! (I)

               - What do you want? (I)

               - I would like to reserve a table for two, please? (F)


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