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Capítulo 11:

 Telephone English Answer Key. Unit 4, 5 and 6


Activity 1.

1.     I can’t hear you very well.

2.     Can you please speak up?

3.     Let me call you back in five minutes.

4.     This is a really bad connection.

5.     Sorry I must have got the wrong number.

6.     My battery’s very low.

7.     Please hang up and try the other number.

8.     I think we just got cut off.

9.     Could you please speak slower?

10.  Could you repeat that?

Activity 2.

1.     very

2.     too

3.     absolutely

4.     really

5.     such

[Audio track 13]

               - Sorry, I must have a wrong number.

               - Can you speak slower?

               - Please, hang up and try the other number.

               - Let me call you back in 5 minutes.



5.1 Appointments

Activity 1.

1.     So shall we say Tuesday 11am?

2.     I’m really busy this week.

3.     Can we make it the following Wednesday?

4.     Ok, Thursday at 2pm, perfect, see you there!

5.     How about next Friday afternoon?

6.     So we’ll fix it for Monday 9am.

7.     Sorry, can we postpone it to next week?

Activity 2.

[Audio track 14]


Sue:       Hello Jerry, how are you?

Jerry:     I’m fine Sue, how are you?

Sue:       I’m great. Listen about the meeting this week, I’m afraid I’m going to have to cancel, I have the vice president visiting from Tuesday till Friday.

Jerry:     Oh, ok, can we re-schedule?

Sue:       Of course! How’s next Monday for you?

Jerry:     Monday… let me check my calendar… Oh no, Monday’s impossible for me.  Can you do  anytime on Wednesday?

Sue:       Wednesday… Oh yes, but only in the afternoon, my morning’s all booked up.

Jerry:     Ok, what about 2:30?

Sue:       Perfect.

Jerry:     Ok we’ll fix it for then.  Call me later in the week if you have any problems.

Sue:       Will do, bye.

1.     Sue is speaking to Jerry.

2.     Sue wants to cancel the meeting.

3.     The reason is that the vice president is visiting from Tuesday till Friday.

4.     They re-schedule for Wednesday.

5.     The meeting is booked for 2:30.

6.     Sue will call if she has a problem with the time.

5.2 Invitations

Activity 1.

Sample answers:

1.     I can’t this weekend; I’m visiting my sister in Baltimore.

2.     Sounds great! We’ll be there.

3.     Sure, when are you free?

4.     I have so much work to finish tonight, how about tomorrow?

5.     I’m busy tonight, sorry.

6.     Ok, what time?

Activity 2.

1.     in

2.     at

3.     at

4.     in

5.     at

6.     on

7.     on

[Audio track 15]

               - I’m going to a concert Wednesday night, want to join me?

               - Would you like to come over for dinner tomorrow night?

               - How about a drink after work tonight?

               - I’m having some friends over for drinks this weekend, I’d love it if you could come

5.3 Confirmations

Activity 1.

[Audio track 16]

A:           Cuisine Caterers, you’re speaking with Cherry.

B:           Yes hello Cherry, this is Donna from Penumbra Photographic studios. We spoke last week about catering a shoot I have for this Wednesday.

A:           Oh yes I remember.  Everything is prepared.

B:           Good, but here’s the thing. Our model Katie Frost has just announced that she has become a vegetarian.

A:           Oh, well that’s fine we’ll arrange something special for her.

B:           Thank you so much!  See you Wednesday.

A:           See you then, bye.

1.     False

2.     False

3.     True

4.     False

5.     True

Activity 2.

1.     spoke

2.     prepared

3.     announced

4.     arrange

[Audio track 17]

               - What time does the photographer arrive at the site?

               - When is the first shoot?

               - When is Katy Frost arriving?

               - What time must the photographer leave?

5.4 Conference calls

Activity 1.


Activity 2.

               1. About reading some documents in order to go on with a job.

               2. Yumi, Rachel and Sophia

               3. “Just a moment Yumi”

[Audio track 18]

               - Can you hear me?

               - Thank you for joining us today.

               - I’d like to introduce Carol; she’s in charge of maintenance in London.



6.1 Booking hotels and restaurants

Activity 1.


1.   may I

2.   what

3.   non smoking

4.   name

5.   Hotel


6.   I help you

7.   many nights

8.   dates

9.   single

10. have a credit

11. name

12. Delta

13. a contact number

14. in writing

15. anything else I can

[Audio track 19A]

Dialogue 1)

               A:           Good evening D’art, How may I(1)help you?

               B:           Good evening a table for two for tomorrow night please.

               A:           Certainly. At what(2)time?

               B:           At 8 o’clock.

               A:           Ok, would you like smoking or non smoking(3)?

               B:           Non smoking please.

               A:           What name(4)please?

               B:           Harrison.

               A:           H.A.R.R.I.S.O.N?’ H’ as in Hotel(5)?

               B:           That’s correct.

               A:           Right ok, we’ll see you tomorrow night at 8pm.

               B:           Thank you.

               A:           bye.

[Audio track 19B]

Dialogue  2)

               A:           Welcome to the Leonarte Hotel, how may I help you(6)?

               B:           Hi, I’d like to book a room please.

               A:           Certainly. How many nights(7) is that for?

               B:           For three nights.             

               A:           Ok, and what dates(8)?

               B:           The 28th of November till the 1st of December.

               A:           Would you like a single(9)or a double?

               B:           A single please.

               A:           Could I have a credit(10)card number?

               B:           Certainly, it’s 4545 2314 2109 4367

               A:           And the name(11)on the card?

               B:           Frank Reynolds.

               A:           Could you spell your last name?

               B:           Yes of course, R.E.Y.N.O.L.D.S

               A:           D as in Delta(12)?

               B:           That’s correct.

               A:           Expiry?

               B:           September 2014.

               A:           Could you give me contact number(13)?

               B:           Yes it’s 658 223310

               A:           Would you like a confirmation in writing(14)?

               B:           No, that’s not necessary.

               A:           Ok Mr Reynolds, is there else I can(15)help you with today?

6.2 Booking transport

Activity 1.

1.     May I help you.

2.     Would you like a sleeper car?

3.     I want the train at noon.

4.     Please direct me to the left luggage room.

5.     I want a one way ticket please.

6.     At what time does this train leave?

7.     Do I need to take the subway/underground?

8.     Trains to Paris run on the hour.

9.     Where is the front desk?

10.  Do the buses run In August?

Activity 2.

Sample answers:

1.     Hello I’d like to book tickets to Prague.

2.     I want to travel on the 15th of November

3.     I’d like to travel first class.

4.     Could I pay by credit card?

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