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Capítulo 10:

 Telephone English Answer Key. Unit 1, 2 and 3


1.1 Answering the phone.

Activity 1.

[Audio track 1]

               Receptionist:      Good morning Myanbid Intel, how may I help you?

               George Power: Good morning, could you transfer me to Sally Vaana please?

               Receptionist:      One moment.


               Sally Vaana:        This is Sally speaking.

               George Power: Hi Sally, it’s George Power.

               Sally Vaana:        Oh Hi George. How are you?

1.2 Saying telephone numbers

Activity 1.

[Audio track 2]

               - two, three, four, double three, three, eight.

               - oh nine, double seven, eight, three, four, two, one.

               - double oh, three four, oh two one, double two, one, seven, two oh.

1.3 Making and taking calls

Activity 1.

Here is the conversation in the right order:


Frank: Good afternoon this is Frank Green from Delphi Supplies, could you put me through to Sophia Wiseman please?

Receptionist: Certainly Mr Green, I’ll transfer you now.

Sophia: Hello?

Frank : Is that Sophia Wiseman?

Sophia: Speaking, who’s calling please?

Frank: This is Frank Green.

Sophia: Oh Hi Frank, I’m just on another call at the moment, can I call you in half an hour?

Frank: Sure. Speak to you then.

Sophia: Bye!

Activity 2.

1.      b

2.      c

3.      a

4.      d

5.      e

[Audio track 3]

               -May I ask who is calling?

               -Have I caught you at a busy time?

               -Could you please transfer me to Mrs. Waters?

               -My name is Charles Hestia, do you have a moment?



2.1 Leaving and taking messages

Activity 1.

Sample Answers:

1.     Mr Jones. Mr Ned Williamson called. He would like to arrange a meeting for this week.  It’s quite urgent.

2.     Deborah- Harold Falcon called again.  He would like you to get back to him as soon as possible.

3.     For Gerald Hallows, Hannah Fielding returned your call.  She wants to give you an update on developments on the project.  She’ll be in her office for the rest of the day.

4.     To Ms Beacon, Kyle Silvas will be late for the meeting this afternoon.

5.     Mr Edwards, please return a call to Sandy Mythos of Solis eyewear.  She’s not too happy about receiving faulty goods, and is threatening to withdraw all contracts.

Activity 2.

1.      tell

2.      say

3.      tell

4.      ask

5.      tell

6.      say

7.      ask

8.      say

Activity 3.


[Audio track 4]

Samantha: Good afternoon, you are speaking with Samantha. How may I help?

Gerald: Hi, could I speak to Kevin?

Samantha: I’m sorry but he’s with a client at the moment. Would you like to leave a    message?

Gerald: Sure, thanks. Can you tell him that Gerald Pudler rang and need to know the figures for the blue project right away.

Samantha: OK, could you just spell your last name?

Gerald: P-U-D-L-E-R

Samantha: OK; does he have your number?

Gerald: Yes, but I’ll leave it just in case. It’s 0039 945 67220

Samantha: Great. I’ll give him the message.

2.1 Reasons for calling

Activity 1.

1.     I’m phoning to place an order.

2.     I’m calling to apply for the job.

3.     I’d like to question an invoice. √

4.     I‘m calling to speak to the manager.

5.     It’s with regard to Gerald.

6.     I’m phoning because of a request for an interview.

7.     I’m calling about a problem with the new catalogue.

Activity 2.

[Audio track 5]

The message:

Hi, can you hear me?? Good.  Listen I’m calling because of…. well I don’t really know how to say  this… You see… I’ve had a little trouble with the last order you sent out.  It was umm.. well it was  prescription medicine, a routine order for Cambridge General Hospital, but… well… it seems that       someone has made a horrible mixup… The pills we received… well  they’re not the same type as   the ones in the previous batch… and they’ve caused a lot of patients a lot of problems. Everyone is furious.  And I really need to check with someone to see what pills were sent out, and how a situation like this could have occurred.. I’m afraid my boss is extremely angry… And I have to deal with it. So could you please tell me who I can possibly speak to about this?

1.     The caller has a problem with an order.

2.     The caller is calling from a hospital

3.     The caller has had a lot of problems from a mixup

4.     The caller wants to complain

[Audio track 6]

- I found your company online and I’d like some information about your products. Could I speak    to someone about getting a brochure?

- I’m calling with regard to a payment for the last job I did. It’s been a month and I haven’t    received my payment.

- Hello. The reason I’m calling is because I bought some pens from your company. None of them  work and I need to speak to someone about it.

2.3 Leaving voicemail

Activity 1.

The completed message:

Hello, this is Ruth Sorrel, from Spotlight Systems.  I got your number from Jerry, my manager, he said you were the best person to talk to regarding shipping costs on large items.  If you could please call me back on 5463210, I would really appreciate it. I’ll be away from my desk this morning, but you can call me this afternoon.  Anyway, I’ll try you again later. Speak to you soon, bye!

[Audio track 7]

“Hello, you’ve reached the office of Sara Watson. I’m not here now. Please leave a message and your telephone number after the beep and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can”.



3.1 Transferring a call and being “on hold”

Activity 1.

1.     Just a second! Mr Morris is walking into the room now.

2.     Bear with me, I’m looking for a pen.

3.     He might be working on the second floor today.

4.     Hang on a moment, I’m connecting you now.

5.     My other phone is ringing, can I just put you on hold for a moment?

6.     She’s not answering her phone at the moment, can you call back?

7.     My battery is running out, can you wait while I connect it to the power point?

8.     Just a moment, I’m bringing up the documents on the screen now.

9.     Can you give me a minute? I was just talking with my manager.

10.  I’m just dealing with somebody,  I won’t be a moment.

Activity 2.


3.2 Asking for repetition

Activity 1.

[Audio track 8]

The call:

Receptionist: Good evening, Hunter Systems, how may I help?

Georgina:Yes good evening, this is Georgina Teal from Span Telecommunications, I’m calling for Janet Ludo.

Receptionist: One moment please.


Janet: Janet Ludo speaking.

Georgina: Hello Janet, it’s Georgina, Georgina Teal, how are you?

Janet: Hey !! I’m great, how are you?

Georgina: I’m good, listen I have some rather bad news. You know that order I placed with you last week?

Janet: es, what about it?

Georgina: Well I’m afraid I’ll have to…(inaudible)

Janet: Sorry Georgina, you went all quiet, I didn’t quite catch that.

Georgina: Oh, it’s just that we’ve recently found out that….. (inaudible)

Janet: Sorry again Georgina, but the line doesn’t seem to be very good, could you repeat that?

Georgina: Umm sure, it’s just we’ve had rather a large cancellation, and now we have quite a surplus of stock, so we won’t be needing any more pens for a while.

Janet: Oh, ok, what was the order number again?

Georgina: 67480031tp.

Janet: So that’s 674, 80, 31 and then t, d? D as in Dinosaur?

Georgina: no not quite, it was 67480031tp.

Janet: Wait a moment… You said that a bit quick.

Georgina: Sorry, 6,7,4,8, double 0, 3, 1, T as in Tiger, and P as in Piano.

Janet: Ok I’ve got it.  Perhaps you could send it to me via email just in case?

Georgina: Ok will do, I better go, talk to you soon.

Janet: Bye.

1.     Georgina Teal is calling from Span Telecommunications.

2.     Georgina has bad news for Janet.

3.     Janet can’t hear Georgina because of a bad line.

4.     The order number is 67480031tp.

3.3 Ending the call

[Audio track 9]

               - Nice to hear from you, I’ll talk to you soon, bye!

               - Ok I’m done, bye.

Activity 1.

[Audio track 10]

               1. Was there anything else I can help you with?

               2. We’ll expect you next Friday.

               3. I’m so sorry, but I must dash to my next appointment.

               4. You’ve been a big help.

               5. Nice talking to you.

1.     Give thanks

2.     Say goodbye

3.     Give reason for ending the call

4.     Refer to a future contact

5.     Offer to help

Activity 2.


[Audio track 11]

               - Don’t forget to keep me posted about the project.

               - Thanks so much for calling.

               - I’ve got to run. Nice talking with you.

               - OK, I’ll be seeing you Friday, right?

               - Give Emma a kiss from me.

3.4 Automated information and recorded messages

Activity 1.

[Audio track 12]      

               1. The number you have called is no longer in service.

               2. We apologize for the delay.

               3. Choose one of the following options.

               4. For more information, press one.

               5. All our operators are busy at the moment, please hold.

               6. To repeat the message, press four.

               7. Dial nine for an outside line.

               8. Speak after the tone.

               9. Sorry, we are unable to take your call at the moment.

               10. Please try again later.

Activity 2.

1.     Thank you for calling Hawles Realty. We apologise for the delay. All our operators are busy are busy at the moment, please hold. An operator will be with you shortly.

2.     Thank you for calling Charlie’s Pizzeria. Press one to make an order. Press two to check the status of an order. Press three to hear our daily specials. To repeat the message, press four.

3.     Hi you’ve reached Frank Madison, I’m either away from my desk or out of the office.

Please speak after the tone, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

4.     The number you have dialed is not recognised . Please dial nine for an outside line. For more information, press one.

5.     The number you have called is no longer in service. Please note you will not be charged for this call.

6.     This is Hound and Sawer Marketing association. Sorry we are unable to take your call at the moment.  Your business is important to us. Choose one of the following options. To place an advert press one.  To make a complaint press two. To inquire about our services press three. To speak to an operator press four. Or please call again later.

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