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Capítulo 5:

 Making arrangements. Llegar a acuerdos en inglés

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5.1. Appointments

Making appointments is quick and simple over the phone. You can get a definite answer immediately.  Or, sometimes, a day that you had planned for an appointment has to be changed.  Look at this sample dialogue.

Hannah:               I’d like to meet this week to discuss figures.

David:    Sure. What time would suit you?

Hannah:               How about Monday 9am?

David:    I’m sorry, I’m busy then.

Hannah:               Ok, when are you free?

David:    Wednesday afternoon.

Hannah:               Is 2pm ok for you?

David:    Perfect. See you then.

Note these synonyms when talking about appointments:


are you free?

can you make it?

are you available?

How about…

Thursday at 2pm?

some time next week?

this afternoon?

What time would suit you?

Is (time) ok for you?

When’s best for you?

Sorry I’m…

not available at that time.

a bit tied up then / busy.

Ok, so we can….

arrange it for Thursday.

fix it for next week.

agree on 3pm, Thursday.

That sounds….




Do you mind if we…

postpone it until next week?

arrange it for another day?

change the time?

move it to 3pm?


Activity 1.

Unscramble these sentences and put them in the right order.

1. 11am we shall say So Tuesday?

2. busy I’m really week this.

3. make can we following the Wednesday it?

4. perfect Thursday Ok see at you 2pm there!

5. Friday how next afternoon about?

6. 9am So fix Monday for it we’ll.

 7. week Sorry we postpone can it to next?

Listen to the dialogue and correct the following information. [Audiotrack 14:Escucha el audio en el vídeo de arriba]

- Sue is speaking to Mary.

- Sue wants to have the meeting at a later time.

- The reason is that Sue will be away visiting the Vice president from Tuesday till Friday.

- They re-schedule for Monday.

- The meeting is booked for 4:30.

- Sue has a problem with the time.


5.2. Invitations

‘It’s party time!’  Or perhaps ‘Let’s have a couple of drinks’. 

Whatever the occasion, people must be invited. Have a look at these sample sentences for inviting people:

- Would you like to join us for dinner?

- Can we meet after work for a drink?

- We’re having a party this weekend; we’d love it if you could come.

- How about lunch next Friday?

- What do you say we meet this weekend for a round of golf?

So someone invites you out, what will you say?


Activity 1.

Respond to these invitations

1. Would you like to come over for lunch this weekend? (no)

2. How about a barbeque on Sunday, you could bring your wife? (yes)

3. Let’s do lunch this week. (yes)

4. Do you have time for a drink tonight? (no)

5. I’m going to the cinema tomorrow night, want to join me? (no)

6. I’m having some friends over for my birthday next Saturday; I’d love it if you could come. (yes)


Activity 2.

Complete these sentences with the correct preposition of place.

1. I’ll meet you______ the hotel lobby.

2. Join us______ the restaurant at 7pm.

3. Lets meet______ that great little bar on Fort street.

4. Sorry, but I’m______ New York all next week.

5. Can you come to our party next weekend?  It’ll be______ Mona’s house.

6. Let’s meet______ Sunday for a little fishing expedition.

7. I’ll be______the second floor, just come up.

Your Turn

[Audiotrack 15: Escucha el audio en el vídeo de arriba]

5.3. Confirmations

If you’re planning a big event, it’s best to make sure that everyone knows what they’re doing so that things run as smoothly as possible.  In other words, it’s best to confirm everything!

Case Study:

Imagine you work for a photographer.  Look at the schedule below, what things need to be confirmed?


Things to be confirmed:

  • The caterers need to know that the model is a vegetarian.
  • They need to check to make sure the model knows what time to arrive.
  • They need to check how many hair and makeup people will be there.
  • The costume designer needs to be aware of some wardrobe changes.
  • Props need to be checked.
  • They need to check who to return the keys to.

Technical Speak


When confirming something, we use verbs like: confirm, check or the phrasal verb to make sure.


Activity 1

Listen to the dialogue, and then correct these sentences. [Audiotrack 16:Escucha el audio en el vídeo de arriba]

1. The catering company is called Cousin Caterers.

2. Cherry and Donald spoke last month about arranging catering for the shoot.

3. Everything is ready for the shoot.

4.  Katie Frost has been a vegetarian for a long time.

5. The catering company can organize something for her.


Activity 2.

Complete these sentences from the dialogue.

1. We…….....…last week about catering a shoot I have for this Wednesday.

2. Oh yes I remember. Everything is……….....……..

3. Our model Katie Frost has just……….....…….that she has become a vegetarian.

4. We’ll….....……………. something special for her.

Your Turn

[Audiotrack 17: Escucha elaudio en el vídeo de arriba]


5.4         Conference calls

Conference calls are sometimes easier to manage than face-to-face meetings.  They are known for their benefits such as the people involved do not need to travel to talk about a project.  However, they require careful attention to make sure all groups can understand each other and communicate. 

Before any conference call can get down to business, it is necessary first to check a few things and make introductions. 

Conference calls

Look at the example below:

Sophia:  Can you hear me Yumi?

Yumi:     Yes hello Sophia, you’re a bit quiet.

Sophia:  Oh…Is that better?

Yumi:     Much better.

Sophia:  Well thank you for joining us today. Before we get started, I’d like to introduce Rachel, she is in charge of Human Resources in Cardiff.

Rachel:  Nice to meet you Yumi.

Yumi:     And you Rachel.

Sophia:  Right well let’s get started. Yumi did you look over the document I sent you last                week?

Yumi:     Yes I did, I see no problem with going ahead as planned.

Sophia:  Just a moment Yumi, Rachel wants to say something.


During the call

Activity 1.


Match the beginnings of these sentences with the endings.



Answer here:

Answer here

Activity 2.

Read the conference call above and answer these questions.

1. What is the call about?

2. Who is participating in the call?

3. How does Sophia interrupt Yumi?

Your turn

[Audiotrack 18: Escucha el audio en el vídeo de arriba]

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