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Capítulo 4:

 Dealing with problems. Resolver problemas en inglés

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Even as our technology advances, we are still held up by the small problems that result from it. 

Look at these examples and rate them on the stress meter below:

1. You’re talking on a cell phone and the battery runs out.

2. You’re trying to talk on the phone in a very noisy atmosphere.

3. You can’t hear the other person at all.

4. You can hear the other person, but they can’t hear you.

5. The other person is speaking too fast.

6. You can’t understand the other person’s English.

7. You have very bad reception on your mobile.

8. You dial the wrong number.


Language Tip

In order to add emphasis, we use modifiers.  See the examples below.  The modifiers are in bold.

  • I’m sorry, this line is reallybad.
  • The reception here is absolutelyterrible.
  • I can’t hear you, there’s too much noise in here.
  • My battery is very low, let me call you back.
  • This is such a terribleline, I can’t hear you at all.

Activity 1

Choose the correct option.

1. I can’t hear/listen you very well.

2. Can you please talk/speak up?

3. Let me call/calling you back in five minutes.

4. This is a really badly/bad connection.

5. Sorry, I must/should have got the wrong number.

6. My battery’s very down/low.

7. Please hang up/switch off and try the other number.

8. I think we just got cut up/cut off.

9. Can you speak slow/slower?

10. Could you repeat/resay that?

Activity 2.

Use one of these modifiers in each sentence.

such       very       too        really     absolutely          

1. You’re speaking_______quietly, I can’t hear you.

2. I’m at the station and it’s________ noisy in here.

3. There’s________ no reception here.

4. I______ can’t hear you at all.

5. This is________ a bad line.

Your Turn

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