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Curso de perfeccionamiento de inglés

Autor: Editorial Assimil
8,69/10 (565 opiniones) |71444 alumnos|Fecha publicación: 12/11/2003

Capítulo 17:

 Put it at the end - Colóquelo al final

It looks like it's going to rain. There goes our picnic. - That's what I was afraid of. (1)

-What are you looking for? - The plane schedule. I want to know what time we arrive. (2)

-Did you know that Simon got married last month? - No, who to?(3)

-Don't you like New York? - Sure, but it's too exhausting to live in.(4)

-I'd give you his address if I could find something to write with - Here, use my pen. (5)

-Many people are afraid to speak a foreign language because they hate being laughed at. - That's no excuse.

-I saw that new psychological thriller at the movies last night. - Well, what was it like? - I don't even know what it was about. (6)

-What's the matter? What are you crying for? - Nothing. I've just peeled two pounds of onions.

-I won't be here on Saturday. Can we put the party off Hill next week? - Why do you want to put it off? We'll have it without you. (7)

-Don't throw away the wrapper. There's a coupon on it - You know I never throw things away. (8)

You see, it really is straightforward. It takes a little time to get used to, that's all. (9)

There are of course a few difficulties: some verbs have two possible prepositions and both of them are correct. (10) So take your time and r-read our examples regularly. Now let's move on to something lighter.

The candidate had just finished a long, impassioned speech at a rally just before a crucial by-election (11).

A late-comer slipped into an empty seat and asked his neighbour what the politician had said.

-I've no idea, came the reply. - Why? Weren't you listening?

-Of course I was listening. For an hour and a half. But he never told us what it was about.

Putting prepositions at the end of a sentence can, however, prove disastrous.

Take the example of the mother who promised to read to her son from a book of his choice.

The youngster chose a very serious volume on the wildlife in West Africa.

Surprised by this sudden interest in nature, the mother said - What did you choose that book to be read to from for? (12)

Work that out!

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