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El curso más completo de inglés

Autor: omar ali caldela
9,48/10 (464 opiniones) |678261 alumnos|Fecha publicaciýn: 23/07/2007
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Capýtulo 31:

 Pronombres reflexivos

Reflexive pronouns
(reflexiv pronouns)
(pronombres reflexivos)

Reflexive pronouns:

Myself (maiself) (mi mismo).
Yourself (iurself) (tu mismo).
Himself (jimself) (el mismo).
Herself (jerself) (ella misma)
Itself (itself) (sí mismo "refiriéndose a una cosa o un animal).
Ourselves (aurselvs) (nosotros mismos).
Yourselves (iurselvs) (ustedes mismos).
Themselves (demselvs) (ellos mismos).

Los pronombres reflexivos se usan:

1) Cuando una acción le ocurre a una misma persona.

I hurt myself with a knife.
(ai jort maiself wid a naif)
(yo me heri o lastime con un cuchillo)

2) Cuando una persona esta sola o hizo algo por si misma (siempre se usa con "by").

I am going to kill that person by myself.
(ai am gouing tu kil dat person bai maiself)
(yo voy a matar a esa persona por mí mismo)

3) Cuando se quiere enfatizar o recalcar la acción que realiza una persona.


              he himself is going to risk his life for his best friend.
               (ji jimself is gouing tu risk jis laif for jis best frend)
       (él "por el mismo" va a arriesgar su vida por su mejor amigo)

Practica de inglés intermedio 1, unidad 5, "superlatives".

Fill the blanks with the superlative form:

1)  big.        Which city in mexico is the ____________?.
2) hot.         Is Acapulco usually the ___________ place in Mexico?.
3) good.      The fifth lesson in that book is _____________ one!.
4) dirty.      You have _________ hands of all the persons here.
5) nice.        I think this dress is ______________ of all i have.
6) young.    Paul is _____________child in our family.
7) long.       That street is ____________ one in this town.
8) early.      Who arrives every morning _______________?.
9) intelligent.   Such a girl is the ______________ in this classroom.
10) good.     To be the ________ of the __________ you have to study and practice a lot.

Intermediate 1 english practice, unit 5, "general practice".

Complete the following questions with its properly person:
How old am i?.
How old are you?.   
How old __is she__?,
How old ___________?, Etc, etc.

Do the same thing with:   how tall ___________?.    And      how good ____________?. 

Practice reading aloud next dialogue:

1) Hello!, How do you do!, What is your name?.
2) My name is not important Robert, what you want is to know her name!.

1) Ok, what is her name?
2) Her name is Susan, here she comes!, Hi susan, how are you today?.
3) I am very well today, as any other day.
2)    look Susan, this is my friend Robert.
3)    oh!, It is a pleasure to meet you Robert, how you doing!.

1) Fine thanks!.
2) Well, I have to go now, but you are in good hands!.

1 y 3) thank you, good bye, see you later!.

1) Susan, where are you and your parents from?.
3) We are from the united states, and you?.

1)    I am from mexico city, what are your parents´ names?.
3)    my father´s name is Jorge, and my mother´s name is luisa.

1) What are you?, I mean, what do you do for a living?.
3)    I am a student, I am studying to be a good nurse, and after that, a doctor.

1)    what is your address and telephone number.
3)    it is 467 london street, los angeles ca.  And my phone number is 6764532.

1)    what are you going to do this weekend?.
3)    I am going to be studying.

1)    oh no!, Let´s go to the cinema, it is a very good movie.
3)    ok, let´s go.

1) Where do you live?.
3)    I live here in this city, you have my address now.

1)    no, what I want to know is where you live in.
3)    I live in a beautiful green and white house.  I am going to be waiting for you at 3:45 pm to go to the cinema.

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