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Capítulo 6:

 Job applications. Solicitar empleo en inglés. Curriculum

Applying for jobs via email makes job searches simple and quick.   You can send your CV (curriculum vitae) directly to your prospective employer, along with a well-worded cover letter to explain who you are and why you would be suited to the job.  Applying for jobs via email, takes out the nervousness and awkwardness that many people feel when applying for work.

Here you have some pointers on creating good cover letters and excellent CVs.

1. Cover letters (or e-mails)

Different jobs require different information.

Here are some pointers on creating excellent cover letters:

  • the cover letter must be tailored to each job opportunity and individual company. It personalises your approach to companies.
  • it should be brief, relevant, easy to read, with the spelling and grammar carefully checked.
  • avoid telling lies and pretending to be a different person. Do not create a fake person.

Activity 1
Compare the three following cover letters and decide what type of teaching work the applicant is looking for, how the applicant found out about the advertisement and other information about them.



I am interested in coming to Florida for August to work for the month.  I currently live in Mexico, where I teach English to children and adults, with levels from beginner, beginner to advanced.  I like to keep my classes spontaneous and interesting, and especially for children, I try to engage their interest though creative projects and games.  Coming as I do from New Zealand, I have a love of the outdoors, and am capable in sports such as hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking and horse riding.

I am available for the whole month of August and I would very much like the opportunity to try my hand at the summer camp lifestyle.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jodi Spring.




I saw your ad on Loquo. I am an English teacher from New Zealand with two solid years of experience in teaching, on top of part time tutoring and teaching over the past five years.

I have a TEFL certificate from Unitec in Windsor and also a Bachelor of English Literature
I love teaching children, especially through hands on activities such as painting and crafts, as well as physical activities and games to entertain them and ensure that they have fun while they learn.  I have taught many teenage classes, both on the cusp of puberty (11 to 14) and older students as well.  While it can be a difficult age to really engage interest in learning, I enjoy the challenge and the pleasure in seeing them forget themselves and have fun, whilst retaining purpose of the lessons.  Having the experience of learning French, Spanish and Catalan, I understand the difficulties of learning a language.  I can speak Catalan a little bit and I understand Spanish, but I do not speak it very well. I live in Barcelona, but I used to commute to Mataro for classes, so I am quite used to have to travel for work.

Thanks you very much for you time.

Jodi Spring



Good Morning,

We spoke on the phone earlier, here is the information you asked for.  I am a 26 year old New Zealander. I have a Diploma of Performance Technology from Royal Holloway University in London.   I have worked on many shows as a director’s assistant, lighting operator and as a props creator, sometimes all at once.  I feel that I can perform all these roles with equal skill I have lived in Barcelona for around two months, but I intend to make it my home.  Prior to that I lived in New Zealand, but I have also spent seven months living in Paris and six travelling around Europe in between my studies. I would like the opportunity to travel again with a performance company of a small size like yours. I learnt French and Spanish at University. As French was the latter, and I have lived in France, it is the language I have a higher knowledge of.  My Spanish comprehension is still ok, but I find it difficult at present to converse in this language.  However I have plans to learn it after I have mastered the current language I am studying which is Catalan. This means I am also able to act as a translator and guide on tour. I also write creatively, at present I am working on a screenplay, but my favourite model is the short story.

Please feel free to contact my references for any extra information regarding my character.

Jodi Spring

Activity 2
Write your own cover letter in response to one of the job applications below:

Job Advertisement 1:

English speaking

Job advertisement 2:

HR internship

2. Curriculum Vitae

Your Curriculum Vitae or CV, should showcase your attributes, your job history and your education.  Employers don’t have time to analyse your CV to try to understand it.  The information must be clear, concise and to the point. 

The categories should be something like this:

  • Education and qualifications- concentrate on your highest qualification and then back two or three.
  • Work experience- think about your skills.  What did you have you gained from your past jobs. It is important to portray a sense of achievement, say what you accomplished in your work. Show evidence of any leadership skills you have. Skills may be professional, technical and personal.
  • Extra-curricular activities- such as positions of responsibility, membership of a sports team and so on. Use your likes to say something of interest about yourself. It should be information with a purpose.
  • General skills- for example a driving licence, foreign language skills and computer skills.

Other points to consider are:

  • Avoid "flowery phrases"- make sure the words you use imply action and decisiveness.
  • Make sure your grammar and spelling are correct.
  • Use active verbs
  • Make sure the CV is fairly short- many people recommend a one side CV. Think that an employer can quickly lose interest.


CV Form:


Sample CV:

CV english

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