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Capýtulo 11:

 Emailing Answer Key. Unit 7 and 8


1. Asking for payment

Activity 1

1.     I would like to draw your attention to my two previous emails.

2.     We must urge you to take action regarding your outstanding payment.

3.     We will have no choice but to pursue legal action to recover the money.

4.     We are concerned that the matter has not yet received your attention.

5.     We shall have no alternative than to ban you from making further purchases with us.

6.     There is an outstanding sum on your account.

7.     It would be appreciated if you could settle the account this week.

Activity 2

1.     b

2.     b

3.     a

4.     b

Activity 3

First reminder

1.     1.regarding a payment

2.     invoice is now outstanding

3.     due at the end

4.     bank transfer

5.     attached a copy             

Second reminder

6.     must inform you

7.     received payment

8.     further delay

9.     questions regarding

Final demand

10.  regarding a balance

11.  is now two months

12.  concerned that this matter

13.  settle the balance

14.  take legal action

2. Complaints

Activity 1

1.     I am writing to complain about the negative attitude of one of your members of staff.

2.     I hope you will deal with this situation promptly as it is causing me considerable inconvenience.

3.     I insist on a full refund, otherwise I am willing to take the matter further.

4.     The product arrived missing a bag of parts.  When I enquired about it your staff were rude and unhelpful.

5.     My order has still not arrived, even though I called last week to say that it was needed urgently.

6.     I would like to point out a problem with your customer services department.

7.     I expect to receive my goods by the end of the week otherwise I will have no choice but to cancel my order.

8.     I would like a replacement for my faulty goods as soon as possible.

9.     I believe I am entitled to a full refund.

10.  Although you claim to sell top quality products, what I received was well below standard.

Activity 2

1.     You have only sent me 7 candlesticks instead of the 8 I requested in my order.

2.     Even though I paid for 8 candlesticks, I received only 7.

3.     I ordered 8 candlesticks and there were only 7 in the box when I opened it.

4.     Firstly there were only 7 candlesticks when I had specified 8 on the order form.  In addition two of the candlesticks are damaged.

5.     The problem with the candlesticks has not been resolved. Therefore I refuse to pay the invoice.

6.     You have still not resolved the problem with the candlesticks, so I am refusing to pay the invoice.

7.     If I do not receive an answer within seven days I will be forced to seek legal action.

3. Apologies

Activity 1

1.     Please accept my sincere apologies.

2.     We’re having a temporary problem with our phone lines.

3.     We’re doing everything we can to get up and running again.

4.     Could you leave it with me for a day or two?

5.     I’ll look into the problem immediately and get back to you tomorrow.

6.     I’ll send you a replacement at once.

7.     Please accept this gift voucher as a gesture of your patience.

8.     I can assure you that this will not happen again.

9.     The relevant people have been dealt with.

10.  I apologise again for any inconvenience caused.

11.  If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Activity 2

1.     on behalf of.

2.     concerned

3.     unprofessional conduct

4.     apologise sincerely

5.     my attention

6.     already spoken

7.     inconvenience

8.     dissuade

9.     can reach me

10.  for

11.  upset

12.  behavior

13.  so sorry

14.  let me know

15.  had words

16.  problems

17.  turn us down

18.  drop me a line!



1. Congratulations

Activity 1

1.     Congratulations! It’s a girl!

2.     Happy Birthday, have a great day!

3.     All the best in your new position!

4.     Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

5.     Happy Graduation!

6.     Best of luck with your new business venture!

7.     Happy New Year!

8.     Best of luck for the future.

9.     Congratulations on your engagement!

Activity 2

A.  Wow, congratulations!  I know how much this means to you both.  I just wanted to let you know how happy I am and good luck with the next nine months.  If you need anything, please just call me, I’m here for you.

Best of luck,


B.   Well done Joe!  You really deserve this. Best of luck with your future position, and congratulations again on your promotion.



C. Happy Birthday Mum!  I hope you have a wonderful day today and many more to come!  I’ll come by later to bring you your present.


Your loving daughter,


D. Congratulations!!  Finally all that hard work is going to pay off.  I know you can do this, you are so wonderful and creative and if you need any help, then I’m here for you.  I love you and I’m very proud of your achievements.  If you want, come by later and we can celebrate together.

See you later



E.  Hello Charlie, I just heard you’re leaving us for bigger and brighter things.  I guess it was going to happen eventually.  We’ll miss you in the office, but I hope that everything works out well for you in your new position.

All the best,


2. Invitations

Activity 1

1.     Formal

Dear all,

I am having a dinner party at the summer house next weekend, and I would be delighted if you could all make it.  Dinner will be served at 9, there will be cocktails in the library beforehand. Dress is casual formal.

Please RSVP before the 12th February.


2.     Informal


I’m having a little get together at my place this weekend.  Just a few friends, some good food, nice wine, and excellent company! Come over anytime after 9. Hope to see you there!


3. Accepting / declining invitations

Activity 1

I would be delighted to attend.I’ll be there!Please accept my deepest apologies, but I must decline.Sorry, can’t make it.
I wish to inform you I will be attending.Just to let you know I can make it.It is with regret that I inform you of my refusal.              Sux, I’m going to have to pass.
I will be present, thank you for your kind invitation. I accept!Thanks for the inviteThank you for your kind invitation, but I must decline.Hey thanks, but I have plans

Activity 2.

2.A.  Accepting:


Thanks for the invite, what a great idea!!  I’m not sure what to dress up as though, any ideas? What are you going as?  Well I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be there.  See you Friday.



2.A Declining:


I got your invitation, but unfortunately I can’t make it.  It’s the opening of Roger’s new play and I said I’d go.  I really hope you have a great party, and let’s make time to catch up next week.

See you soon!


2.B Accepting:


I received your invitation, and I would just like to let you know that I will be attending.  Congratulations to you both, I know you’ll be very happy.  I’m looking forward to congratulating you in person.

Best wishes, see you there!


2.B Declining:


I received your invitation, but unfortunately I will be out of town this week.  I’m really sorry as I would have liked to congratulate you in person.  Still I know you’ll be very happy.  Perhaps if you have time, we could meet  for a coffee and catch up soon.  Let me know.

Best wishes,


2.C Accepting:

Dear Linda,

I was delighted to receive the invitation to your wedding.   Please treat this email as my acceptance of attendance.   I wish you both the very best of luck on your special day.

Fond regards,


2.C Declining:

Dear Linda,

I was delighted to receive your invitation to your wedding.  Unfortunately I will not be in attendance due to my surgery which is scheduled for that afternoon.  I wish you both the very best of luck on your special day.

Fond regards,


2.D Accepting:

Sounds interesting!  I will be in attendance.  Should I bring anything else?  A bottle of wine? A gift for the hostess?  Let me know.

See you then,


2.D Declining:

Sounds interesting!  Unfortunately I am already booked up this weekend, but please let me know if there is going to be a repeat performance, and in advance if possible, as I would really like the opportunity to participate. I hope you have a great time.



4. Advice                  

Activity 1                        

1.     e

2.     g

3.     i

4.     k

5.     j

6.     b

7.     f

8.     d

9.     c

10.  l

11.  h

12.  a

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