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Capýtulo 10:

 Emailing Answer Key. Unit 4, 5 and 6


1. Making a reservation at a  hotel

Activity 1

(student’s own answer)

2. Booking a tour at a hotel

Activity 1

(student’s own answer)

3. Making a reservation at a  restaurant

Activity 1

(student’s own answer)

4. Follow ups and corrections

Activity 1.


         1 and 2 are corrections

          3 and 4 are follow-ups.


Activity 2
Sample answers

1.     I’m so sorry for the error made in your booking.  I have corrected the mistake. You are leaving on the 20th of December at 8pm.  If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

2.     I’m sorry for the mistake Mr Molloy,I have corrected the error and re attached the receipt of purchase. Let me assure you that this will not happen again.

3.     I am sorry for not responding to you earlier.  We have had several possible apartments to see in the interim of our contact with you.  However we would love to take the apartment.  Do you have time to schedule a meeting this week to sort out the details?


I am sorry for taking so long to respond you your offer.  Unfortunately we have decided to take another apartment.  I am sorry for any inconvenience our indecision may have caused you, and best of luck leasing the apartment, it is certainly a beautiful site. Regards.

4.     I apologise for not getting back to you earlier, I have had a very busy week.  In regards to the meeting I would love to schedule something for Thursday afternoon/I’m afraid this week really is impossible, let me get back to you in the future.



1. Inquiries and orders

Activity 1

A.          Say how you got the contact
              Say something about your company and give a reason for writing
              General request for information
              Specific questions

B.           Give thanks for the mail
               Say what you are attaching
               Highlight a few key points
               Answer specific questions

Activity 2

Hello my name is Peter Shilling; we met at the recent Edgeware china trade show.

I work for Eggshell, the largest importer of china in Sweden, and I was very interested purchasing some of your designer cups.  Could you please send me information on your product line and a price list? I would also like to know what your delivery times are and whether you treat the china at all to prevent staining.  I look forward to hearing from you; I think there is a definite market for your product in Sweden.

Thank you for your email of the 12th April.  I am sending you our latest catalogue and a price list as an attachment.  You will note that our blue cloud range is on special this month.  With regards to your questions, we deliver within three days of a firm order, and all our china is coated with a special protective agent to prevent staining.  Thank you for your interest in our company, if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

2. Negotiating

Activity 1

1.     h

2.     e

3.     k

4.     i

5.     b

6.     c

7.     g

8.     f

9.     j

10.  d

11.  a

Activity 2

1.     catalogue

2.     purchasing

3.     order

4.     discounts

5.     items

6.     payment

7.     guarantee.

8.     Transport

9.     Price

10.  Business

11.  Reputation

12.  Products

13.  Size

14.  Customers

15.  Department

16.  Details

17.  Delivery

18.  Online

19.  Questions



1 Cover letter

Activity 1.

Job: Teaching at a summer camp with children.

           How they found the advertisement: Unclear.

           Other information: Living in Mexico teaching for children and adults, originally from New Zealand, likes the outdoors, available for the whole month of August.

B.         Job: Teaching children and teenagers

           How they found the advertisement: On Loquo

           Other information: From New Zealand, has been teaching for 2 years full time and 5 years part time, Has a TEFL certificate and a Bachelor of English Literature, has studied French, Spanish and Catalan, speaks Catalan and understands Spanish, lives in Barcelona, used to teach in another city ( Mataro).

C.         Job: Joining a theatre company 

           How they found the advertisement: They had already spoken on the phone, so it is most likely a referral from another person.

           Other information: 26 years old, from New Zealand, living in Barcelona, previously lived in Paris, and has travelled around Europe. Has a Diploma of Performance Technology, has worked as an assistant to directors, as a lighting operator and on prop making, has studied French and Spanish, but speaks better French, is studying Catalan, writes creatively


Activity 2
(students own answer)

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