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Capýtulo 9:

 Emailing Answer Key. Unit 1, 2 and 3


2. Subject lines

Activity 1.
a. Expense account receipts.

b. Staff room mess.

Activity 2.
a. Upcoming staff meeting.

b. Payment for order number 34210

4.Opnening and Closings

Activity 1.
                              1. e
                              2. d

                              3. f

                              4. b

                              5. a

                              6. c



1. Formal and Informal

Activity 1.

                              1. k

                              2. p

                              3. f

                              4. c

                              5. i

                              6. d

                              7. o

                              8. m

                              9.  b

                              10. g

                              11. a

                              12. n

                              13. e

                              14. h

                              15. l

Activity 2.

1. Sorry I can’t come to the meeting Friday. Can you send me a copy of the minutes and pass on my apology to the rest of the team?  I’ll definitely come next time!

2. Thanks for the mail, your order has been sent to the supply department. But you forgot to put the post code on the form, can you give it to me so I can get on with your order?

3. Hey, you remember you’ve got that presentation thing on Friday?  Do you need any kind of equipment?  Otherwise I’ll see you there!

Activity 3.


2. Tone

Activity 1

               - Too formal.

               - Too informal.

               - Too informal.

               - Too formal.

Activity 2

Dear customer,

There is a piece of information missing on your last order. Could you please send us your postcode so that we are able to send you your order.  Thank you in advance.


Activity 3

(Suggested answer a.)

Unfortunately I’ve been unable to reach you on the phone.

Can you tell me if you are managing to make any progress on the brochure? If you are having problems, please let me know as soon as possible. I understand you’ve been preoccupied with other matters and may not even have made a start yet, although I hope this is not the case.

I did ask you some time ago for this brochure, as you know I do need it urgently for next Friday’s fair in Dortmund.

This is not the first time you’ve let me down and consequently I’ll shall have to discuss the matter with you before you ask any other day off.

I really must know today how much longer it’s going to take.

(Suggested answer b.)

Please be advised that three separate emails with the invoice #2346g have been sent regarding the outstanding payment of $1200.  All attempts made by this office to contact your department by phone have been unsuccessful.  As no communication has been made, or any attempt to settle the bill, we have no choice but to pursue legal action.  Please be advised that no orders will be accepted from this company in future.

The invoice in question is attached to this document.


3. Abbreviations and missing words

Activity 1

It was a great evening, wasn’t it! I really enjoyed the dinner, and it was nice to see Chloe and Natasha again. Have you had a chance to speak to Peter yet? Don’t worry if you haven’t, I will be seeing him tomorrow.

About next weekend – the exhibition you suggested at Moma sounds great. I’ve been talking to some colleagues at work about it. I’m not sure about the day, though. Saturday might be difficult. Perhaps Sunday would be better? Let me know.

Anyway, I’ve got to go now. I hope you’re well. I’ll see you next weekend.

Activity 2

               1. With ...reference.. to your e-mail concerning language training...

               2. ........further........... to our discussion this afternoon, I think...

               3. ........good........... talking to you on the phone last night and thanks for your very useful....input............ to this problem.

               4. As you probably .....know............... , Martha is coming next week and...

               5. Just a brief ................. to say...

               6. Thanks for the information. In ........answer.......... to your queries...

               7. Many thanks in ........advance........... for your help.

               8. Further ......details............... can be found on...

               9. I look forward to ......hearing........... from you.



2. Attachments

Activity 1

  1. attachment
  2. attaching
  3. sending
  4. attached
  5. document

Activity 2

  1. attached
  2. conference
  3. email
  4. New Zealand
  5. problems
  6. clients
  7. figures
  8. campaign
  9. attachment

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