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Capýtulo 14:

 Grammar Answer key. Unit 7, 8, 9 and 10


Activity 1

1.     Non defining.

2.     Defining.

3.     Defining.

4.     Non defining.

Activity 2

1.     Who/That

2.     That

3.     Which/That

4.     That

5.     In which/where

6.     Whose

7.     when

8.     in which/when

9.     that/who

10.  whom

Activity 3
Sample Answers

1.     My sister, who is a nurse, just graduated!

2.     Who is the new girl that is talking to the assistant director?

3.     There was a man, whom none of us knew, he was standing by the window all night.

4.     This park is the place where I spent a lot of my childhood.

5.     He was carrying an umbrella, I couldn’t think why as it wasn’t raining and the sky was clear, but he walked along proudly.

6.     Have you ever seen that cat which is sunning itself on the neighbour’s roof before? 

7.     Last week, especially when the children were home, I had the most terrible headache!

8.     Whose gloves are those purple ones?

9.     The horse kicked, which really startled me, I’d never seen anything like it.

10.  At which time had you proposed the meeting to commence

Activity 4

1.     Subject pronoun.

2.     Object pronoun.

3.     Subject pronoun.

4.     Object pronoun.



Activity 1

1.     He asked what was happening with the Sony account.

2.     She asked if/whether I wanted to get something to eat.

3.     She says she believes that they will be able to increase salaries by the end of the month.

4.     He says he thinks we will have a long weekend as this Friday is a bank holiday.

5.     He said that she was fired and he asked her to clean out her desk immediately.

6.     He said that he had come into the meeting late and that he was sorry.

7.     She said that she had been thinking about having a drink tonight and she asked me if I was interested.

8.     He said that he was looking for excellent sales people to take on new and exciting roles in different positions around the country.

9.     She said that she would meet up with me later as she had to finish some work first.

10.  He asked if I could let him know when I was free to look over the proposal.

Activity 2

1.     He told me not to touch the remote.

2.    Charlie said I could have the afternoon off.

3.     Frances asked if she could come to have a look at the space tomorrow.

4.     Amy asked whether there was any more pie.

5.     Olivia says will you be staying for tea.

6.    John requested me to tell you of the new regulations.

7.    Rachel asked if I had been feeling ill all weekend.

8.     He said he had been thinking of leaving the country.

9.     he asked me to pass her the stapler.

10.  Mandy wanted to know if you could cover her shift tonight

UNIT 9 . Nouns, Pronouns and Articles

1.    Nouns

Activity 1

1.    dresses

2.    (a glass of) wine

3.    carrots

4.    many shoes

5.    my teeth

6.    three days

7.    much milk

8.    the news

9.    parties

10. Cats are animals.

2.    Pronouns      

Activity 1

1.     Possessive

2.     Possessive interrogative

3.     Interrogative

4.     Demonstrative

5.     Personal

Activity 2

1.     Who

2.     this/that         

3.     his/her

4.     I/her/you

5.     this/What

3.    Articles

Activity 1

1.     the

2.     a

3.     blank

4.     blank

5.     the

6.     a

7.     a

8.     blank

9.     blank

10.  the


UNIT 10. Adjectives and Adverbs

Activity 1

1.     Adjective

2.     Adverb

3.     Adverb

4.     Adverb

5.     Adjective

6.     Adverb

7.     Adjective/adverb

8.     Adjective/adverb

Activity 2

1.     late/lately

2.     slowly/slow

3.     loudly/loud

4.     easily/easy

5.     good/well

6.     extremely/strange

7.     carefully/delicious

8.     bad/well

9.     horrible/terribly.

10.  often/quickly

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