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Capítulo 13:

 Grammar Answer Key. Unit 4, 5 and 6


Activity 1

1.     If I don’t tidy my desk, my office looks messy (zero).

2.     If I had had more time I would have completed everything (3rd).

3.     If it rains this afternoon I will stay home (1st).

4.     If I did more exercise I would look better in a suit (2nd).

5.     If I had spent less money then I could have brought a house by now (3rd).

6.     When I don’t eat breakfast I feel tired by lunchtime (zero).

7.     I might arrive on time if I had a car (2nd).

8.     I’ll go surfing if this weekend is fine (1st).

Activity 2

1.     If I eat a rotten apple I will get sick.

2.     I might have been hurt if I had not been wearing a seatbelt.      

3.     I shouldn’t have had so much wine if I wanted to drive home.

4.     If I had a million dollars, I would take you on holiday.

5.     When you are late to a meeting, you make us look bad.

6.     If I had needed a better parking space would you have given it to me?

7.     If you tucked in your shirt, you would look more presentable.

8.     I will stay home if I am not feeling well tomorrow.

Activity 3

Sample answers

1.     I would buy a house at the beach if I had a million dollars.

2.     If I didn’t have to work, I would spend more time reading.

3.     When butter is in a hot saucepan it melts.

4.     If I had lived in the 1880s, I would have been a pioneer.

5.     If I need more exercise, I will go running.

6.     If I miss the bus I take a taxi.

7.     I will stay home and read a book if it rains this afternoon.

8.     I would have learnt French if it was the most international language.

Activity 4

              - I wish you were with us soon
               - I wish she hadn’t come last night.



1 Passives

Activity 1

1. Lemons were brought (by me).

2. A white dress was being worn (by her).

3. If gumboots were brought (by me), my feet would be dry.

4. A note has been written (by Simon) to me.

5. An umbrella will be taken (by her).

6. The photo is being taken (by me).

7. If a lottery ticket had been got (by you), we might have won.

8. A chair is moved (by Sally).

Activity 2

1.     a

2.     b

3.     b

4.     a

5.     a

6.     b

7.     c

8.     c

9.     b

Activity 3

Passive sentences are in red.

Were too many bills paid by you last year? Are bill payments a source of confusion for you?  If the answer is yes, then help can be given by us, Combined Bills.  Your individual bills are taken by us and one new bill is made from them. One easy payment. If Combined Bills is chosen by you, then your life will be made easier by us!

Sample answer.

Were too many bills paid by you last year?  Are bill payments are source of confusion for you?  If the answer is yes, then we can help you. Combined Bills takes your individual bills and makes one new bill is made from them.  One easy payment.  Chose Combined Bills and we will make your life easier!

2. Making comparisons

Activity 1

1.     e

2.     f

3.     j

4.     k         

5.     l

6.     h

7.     n

8.     c

9.     m

10.  a

11.  o

12.  i

13.  g

14.  b

15.  d

Activity 2

Sample answers

1.     She is (a lot) shorter than him./He is (much) taller than her.

His hair is darker than hers./ Her hair is lighter than his.

She is much younger than him./He is quite a lot older than her.

Her feet are not nearly as large as his./His feet are nowhere near as small as hers.

2.     The pumpkins are (quite) a lot larger than the sushi./The sushi is much smaller than the pumpkin.

The sushi is almost as healthy as the pumpkin./The pumpkin contains more vitamins than the pumpkin.

Sushi is much more popular in Japan than pumpkin./Pumpkin is twice as popular in the USA than the sushi.

The pumpkin is far harder to the touch than the sushi./The sushi is a lot softer than the pumpkin.

3.     The chili pepper is far hotter than the capsicum./The capsicum is not nearly as hot as the chili pepper.

The capsicum is quite a lot larger than the chili pepper./The chili pepper is not nearly as large as the capsicum.

The chili pepper is almost as juicy as the capsicum./The capsicum is less strong in flavor than the chili pepper.

The capsicum is used nowhere near as frequently in Indian cooking as the chili pepper./The chili pepper is not found so frequently in Spanish cooking as the capsicum.

4.     The blue car is nowhere near as large as the truck./The truck is not as small as the blue car.

The blue car is much faster than the truck./The truck is much slower than the blue car.

The blue car has half the space of the truck./The truck has twice as much space as the blue car.

The truck is almost as old as the blue car.

5.     The umbrella is much morecolourfulthan the pen./The pen is much less colourful than the umbrella.

The umbrella is quite a lot more useful in the rain than the pen./The pen is far less useful in the rain than the umbrella.

The umbrella is twice as large as the pen./The pen is half the size of the umbrella.

6.     The sun is much larger than the moon./The moon is much smaller than the sun.

The sun is far hotter than the moon./ The moon is far colder than the sun.

The moon is quite a lot closer to us than the sun./ The sun is nowhere near as close to us as the moon.

The sun is twice as bright as the moon./The moon is half as bright as the sun.

UNIT 6. Verbs + ing vs. verbs + infinitive

Activity 1

1.     watching

2.     to take

3.     testing

4.     to see

5.     to fit

6.     to show

7.     Reading

8.     to go

9.     going

10.  to swim

11.  to make

12.  to devote

13.  smoking

14.  to fish /having

15.  sleeping/ to have or having.

Activity 2

Sample sentences

1.     I practiced doing mathematical problems for homework when I was a child.

2.     We were sorry to hear of your recent misfortunes.

3.     Before going to bed, remember to take your pills.

4.     This boat is too wide to fit through the canal.

5.     Jill was glad to receive such a big bouquet of flowers.

6.     I pretended not to notice Bill’s strange behavior.

7.     I love going to the cinema/I love to go to the cinema

8.     We walked to the river, looking at the beautiful scenery all around us.

9.     The children started to run towards the playground/The children started running towards the playground.

10.  I enjoyed listening to your performance tonight.

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