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Capítulo 12:

 Grammar Answer key. Unit 1, 2 and 3


Activity 1

1.     Present perfect continuous.

2.     Past simple.

3.     Present continuous.

4.     Present perfect.

5.     Future perfect continuous.

6.     Past perfect.

7.     Future simple.

8.     Present simple.

9.     Perfect future.

10.  Past perfect continuous.

11.  Future continuous.

12.  Past continuous.

Activity 2

1.     I went walking in the park.

2.     We arrived last night.

3.     He had been cooking for three hours when she came.

4.     We were watching TV when he knocked on the door.

5.     I will be in Switzerland next week.

6.     She will have been training for five years before the next Olympic Games.

7.     I will be studying English next year.

Activity 3

1.     Look it’s snowing!  It will be a white Christmas this year.

2.     I love horses, they are such beautiful animals.

3.     I will be having dinner with my mum tomorrow.

4.     Harold hated avocadoes when he was a child.

5.     I will have been living in Barcelona for three years in December.

6.     I was reading the paper when she arrived.

7.     I have been living here for three months.

8.     I’ll buy some more milk at the supermarket.

9.     I had been living there for a year.

10.  Shelly likes chocolate, so I’m making her a cake for her birthday.



Activity 1

1.     What are you doing in the garden?

2.     Do you like fish?  I do!

3.     You can’t pass me the salt, can you?

4.     When are you coming to visit?

5.     He likes chocolate, doesn’t he?

6.     Where is my cell phone?

7.     It isn’t cold today, is it?

8.     Have you seen my pen?

9.     How old are you?

Activity 2

Sample answers.

1.     What movie are you going to see tonight?

2.     Where is it playing?

3.     Why are they showing it?

4.     Are you going to dress up?

5.     Did you finish your essay?

6.     What did you write about?

7.     Are you feeling confident about it?

8.     I don’t think I’ll get a good mark, do you?

9.     You’ve got a job interview today, haven’t you?

10.  Have you updated your CV?

11.  What’s the position?

12.  Have you done that sort of work before?

13.  Are you going to wear that suit?



Activity 1

1.     They can’t have got up yet.      

2.     They must be on holiday.

3.     They might have a lot of magazine subscriptions.

4.     He mustn’t have noticed it.

5.     He might not have had time to clean it.

6.     It may have just happened.

Activity 2

1.     She had a lot of energy; she could surf all day, dance all night.

2.     All noise should be kept to a minimum after 11pm.

3.     Would you like me to close the window? You look cold!

4.     I’ll take that bag for you, if you like.

5.     You really ought to see the doctor regarding your ill health.

6.     Shall I show you to your room?

7.     Can you pass me the butter please?

8.     We may not be able to finish the project on time.

9.     Could I take tomorrow off?  It’s my birthday.

10.  You really shouldn’t touch that, you might hurt yourself.

Activity 3

1.     Could/May I take a holiday next month?

2.     Can/Could you pass me the salt?

3.     Would you mind if I switched the light on?

4.     I may/might have time to help you with the move tomorrow.

5.     There might/may be an increase in taxes next year.

6.     I could come and pick you up at the airport.

7.     Sales figures should increase next year.

8.     Sales figures will increase next year.

9.     I can fix the computer.

10.  I can’t fix the DVD player.

11.  I left my old job so that I could work here.

12.  Can/Could I have a glass of wine?

13.  Would you make me a cup of tea?

14.  Shall I call Mr Bartlett now? I’ll call Mr Bartlett now if you like?

15.  Would you like to come out to dinner with me?

16.  Shall we say 9pm?

17.  You really should/ ought to see a dentist.

18.  I really must leave/be going now.

19.  You mustn’t speak, unless spoken to.

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