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English class introduction

Autor: janette Heath
8,72/10 (18 opiniones) |21979 alumnos|Fecha publicaciýn: 10/11/2005
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Capýtulo 7:


These days, believe it or not, email (or e-mail) is a Spanish word. It is one of those English words that has been adopted into Spanish even though some perfectly good "real" Spanish alternatives exist. The example of email isn't an unusual one. Many Internet and other technology-related terms as well as words from popular culture have been borrowed from English and are used along with "pure" Spanish counterparts.

Food terms

food terms, such as tamale, taco, salsa, cilantro, guacamole, enchilada, oregano, and burrito. They are usually used in their original Spanish forms. Others, such as tuna, which comes from the Spanish atún, are variations of the original.

The Ranch

Adobe = mud bricks        Corral= animal enclosure           Mesa= tableland        Patio= garden

Rodeo= roundup of animals    Vista= view    Lazo= lasso   Rancho=ranch     Patata= potato

Renegado= renegade      Tomate= tomato    Calabozo= calaboose    Cucaracha= cockroach

Maíz= maize


A number of animal words went directly from Indian languages into Spanish and then English. Puma originated in Quechua, while jaguar comes from yaguar, a word of the Guarani who live in what is now Paraguay, and iguana is a modification of iwana, used by the Arawak and Carib of the West Indies.

Bronco= untamed horse           Burro= donkey             Chinchilla= fur-bearing squirrel-like animal

Condor= fierce bird (eagle family)       Pinto= Spotted horse   Llama= camel-like animal of the Andes


Poncho= blanket with a slit to slip                      Sombrero= hat           Mantilla= scarf for the head

                 Over the head in place of coat

Huaraches= sandals          Chal=chall

                 Well my friend now you have an idea about our ESL English clases if you want to take the on line virtual clases let us know.

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