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Curso de Inglés con vídeo. Nivel intermedio

Autor: EF Englishtown
9,37/10 (27 opiniones) |13929 alumnos|Fecha publicación: 25/10/2008

Capítulo 3:

 Inglés intermedio. Ordenadores

Tercera lección de nuestro curso de inglés en su nivel intermedio. En esta lección vamos a aprender a hablar utilizando terminología relacionada con los ordenadores y la Internet.

Upper intermediate - computers

Study points

Today you will be talking about computer- and internet-related terminology, Make note of what kind of languages used to explain how to find something on internet.


We are now going to watch a movie about someone teaching a friend how to use the internet.


Now let´s take a closer look on the language used. Jane is giving Christine directions on how to find the weather forecast online. And she takes Christine through the process step by step. She starts by saying "you need to be connected to the internet".

Internet. The internet is a worldwide digital network that links smaller networks of computers, such as in schools, organizations and governments and individual computers such as your own PC, allowing information to be share. Once the internet is running Jane says to Christine "choose a search engine from our list of favorites and type in some keywords".

Search engine. A search engine is a program used to help search information on the internet. 

Spam. Spam is any kind of mail you don´t want. Spam is also call "junk mail".

Now I want you to give me the description of these things related to the internet.

What is the name for a software program that lets a use of u Website on internet? (web browser o just browser).

What kind of program can let you look for information on the internet? Jane tells Christine to choose one from the list of favorites on her computer. (search engine).

And finally, how do we call junk email that nobody wants? (spam). Companies can spam people for unwanted advertisement.

Review points

Today we have talked about terminology related to computer and internet.

Some new terms that we´ve learned today are:

- We browser
- Search engine
- Spam

New terms are created all the time, but hopefully, now you understand a bit more.

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