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Curso de Inglés con vídeo. Nivel elemental

Autor: EF Englishtown
7,25/10 (64 opiniones) |42562 alumnos|Fecha publicaciýn: 25/10/2008

Capýtulo 2:

 Inglés elemental. Quejarse

Segundo capítulo de nuestro curso de inglés en su nivel elemental. En esta lección vamos a aprender una nueva forma de hablar en tiempo pasado. Aprenderás a utilizar el pasado continuo usando la combinación del verbo To be (ser o estar), en pasado, más un verbo con la terminación "ing".

Elementary - complaining

Study points

In today´s lesson we are going to look at a new way to talk about the past. We are going to learn about the past continuous.

"It was raining all day on Monday". "I was running at the gym for 2 hours today".


Let´s watch a movie now. John is talking to his travel agent. Is John happy? Did he have a good vacation?


So, is John happy? No he is not. He didn´t have a good vacation. Why? Hear John again.

"It was raining when he got there". We use the past of to be and the verb with "-ing" to talk about an action in the past, the past continuous (to be + verb + -ing). But what sort of action? We use this tense for an action in progress during or at a specific time.


See if you can do these examples by yourself. Use the words to make the sentence. We will do the first one together.

"Yesterday I was playing tennis when it started to rain."

"The sun was shining all day."

"What were you doing yesterday at noon?"

Review points

You have now learned to say the past of to be and a verb with "-ing" to talk about an action in the past: the past continuous. "Yesterday I was playing tennis. The sun was shining all day." 

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