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Capýtulo 7:

 HR, looking for a job? Recursos humanos, buscar trabajo en inglés

I was obliged to be industrious. Whoever is equally industrious will succeed equally well.

by J.S. Bach

LEAD-IN Thinking...


Look at the interview tips. Write DO or DON’T next to each one. Then √ the three Dos that you think are the most important.


Job interviews are easier for interviewers and the interviewees if you plan and prepare questions and answers, and use proper interviewing techniques. In this unit we are going to have a look at some recruitment and selection processes, how to give a good impression and how to deal with interviews.


Recruitment refers to the process of attracting, screening, and selecting qualified people for a job.

The possible stages of a recruitment and selection process sequence could be something like:

  1. Drawing up a job description
  2. Deciding whether to advertise internally or externally.
  3. Deciding whether to use an External Search agency or not.
  4. Deciding on the content of the job advertisement.
  5. Choosing which publications and other media to advertise in.
  6. Interested people applied for the job and receive an application form.
  7. Looking through all the completed applications forms and CVs that you receive.
  8. Deciding on who to invite for an interview, then interview them.
  9. Drawing up a shortlist of candidates for a second interview.
  10. Selecting one candidate and offering them the job.

Note that this sequence can vary and some stages are totally exclusive, it will depend on the company, the job position in itself and the recruiter.



Activity 1.

Write note about the recruitment and selection process in your company:




Activity 2.

Same or different? Decide if these words and phrases in each set are the same or different.

1.     a job, a position, a post

2.     an applicant, a candidate

3.     headhunting, executive search

4.     equal opportunities, discrimination

5.     to recruit, to take on, to hire

6.     to dismiss, to fire, to make redundant, to lay-off






Making a good impression during an interview is essential in getting that job that you're dreaming of. Your body language plays a greater role than we may think.

Posture, posture, posture.... Having your back straight and shoulders back will show the interviewer that you are self-confident.

Maintain eye contact. You may want to maintain eye contact as the interview goes on. This will show the interviewer that you are engaged in the conversation and able to maintain concentration.

Hand placement. You will want to keep your hands rested. You can distract the interviewer if you move them around too much during conversation.

A smile will create a warm atmosphere.

Apart from body language, there are also other points to take into consideration:

Research the company and the job that you are applying for. You should appear to be knowledgeable of and excited about the company. If you do not know the basic information that is contained on the company website, you will not present a good first impression.

Dress appropriately for the job interview. It is necessary that you are clean and groomed. Clothing should be ironed and wrinkle free. Do not wear hats, shorts, low cut tops, or baggy clothing. Gentlemen should tuck their button-down shirts into their pants and wear a belt. Women should wear conservative make-up and jewelry. While you may feel that this will put a "crimp" in your style, you can begin to express yourself AFTER you get the job and AFTER you have observed the office environment. This, of course, will depend on the job you are applying for.

  Leave the gum and candy at home. If you want to take breath mint before the interview, make sure that it is out of your mouth before you enter the office. These are inappropriate at job interviews and will not make a good first impression.

Take at least three extra copies of your CV and cover letter to the interview.

Be on time. Try to arrive at least fifteen minutes early. By arriving early, you will have time to find a parking space and building/suite. You are also giving yourself the opportunity to take one final look in the mirror before the interview and compose yourself. At times, you may be able to gain useful information on the company from looking around the lobby.

Be nice to all people that you meet near the office building. You do not know if a person that you see outside the building, in the lobby, or in the elevator is the person you may interview with. Be nice to all office personnel. The secretary and other office personnel often serve as the owner/manager's eyes and ears. How would you feel if you see the secretary you rudely greeted speaking with the interviewer?

Avoid street slang or curse words in the job interview. You do not want to appear as if you are speaking with a friend on the street corner.

Think before you speak. Speak clearly and confidently. It is better to pause and think of a good answer than to babble about anything that comes to your mind.

Be honest. Even "little white lies" and "fudging" count as lies. You do not want to be caught in a lie before, during, or after the interview process is over.

Thank the interviewer for their time.

In terms of speaking, also remember:



To start with, let’s have a look at some ideas on what to say in an interview. Employers often start off with a question like Can you tell me a little about yourself? to get things going. In this case, avoid talking about your personal life. Basically you should talk about any relevant work experience. You can play to your strengths, and mention any qualifications that relate to the job. Also, you can mention any skills or training you have. In other words, explain what you can bring to the organization.



Furthermore, if an interviewer asks about weaknesses or failure, be positive and focus on what you learned from the experience. Say how you would do thing differently next time and don’t be intimidated. Don’t try to cover up mistakes, tell the truth. You have to be ready to answer difficult question.

Here you have some strategies to deal with difficult questions:

  • Show a desire to keep learning and developing
  • Talk about a weakness that is actually a strength
  • Show that you have strategies to deal with the weaknesses

Activity 1.

Read these answers form 3 different candidates answering a difficult question. Try to find out what the difficult question they have been asked is and say which strategies from above have the candidates use to answer the questions.


Er, well last year I tried to establish a new system for internal mail, but it was a complete disaster. I didn’t take enough time to introduce it and nobody knew how it worked. I learned that although something looks clear to me, it doesn’t mean that everyone else understands. I’ll take more time and more trials before I try anything like that again!


Well, I enjoy the job I’m doing and I get on well with everyone, but I really want to move and try something new. I’ve had this job for two years now and I think I’ve outgrown it. I’m ready for a new challenge, something that stretches me.


I tend to worry too much whether the customer is satisfied or not, and that means sometimes I spend too much time on the customer and not enough time on other aspects of the job.

Activity 2.

Talking about personal qualities and skills, match an expression in A with a similar expression in B.


Activity 3.

Are these personality adjectives positive (P) or negative (N)?


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