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Capítulo 13:

 Answer Key. Unit 7 and 8



Activity 1.

(student’s own answer)

Activity 2

1.     a job, a position, a post: these are synonyms in the context of recruitment.

2.     an applicant, a candidate: there’s a slight difference.

              -an applicant: someone who asks to be considered for a job by completing an application form/sending a                                         CV;

              -a candidate: an applicant who has been called for an interview.

3.     headhunting, executive search: these are synonyms in the context of recruitment.

4.     equal opportunities, discrimination: these are opposites.

              -equal opportunities: making sure that the same chances are given to everyone whatever their age, sex,                                                                  race, religion, etc;

              -discrimination: treating one person or group worse thank others.

5.     to recruit, to take on, to hire: there is a slight difference.

              -to recruit and to take on: to find new people to work for an organization.

              -to hire: is very similar, but can refer to a person or organization and suggests that they are employed for a                               short time only.

6.     to dismiss, to fire, to make redundant, to lay-off: there is a slight difference.

              -to dismiss and to fire: to order an employee to leave their job, but to fire is more informal.

              -to make redundant and to lay-off: these have nearly the same meaning, but here it is not the person’s                            fault that they lose their job (perhaps it is due to economic circumstances).

              -to lay-off: is more common in AmE (USA).

Dealing with interviews

Activity 1

Questions:          candidate 1 = Tell me about a time you failed badly at something.

                              candidate 2 = If you like your current job, why do you want to leave?

                              candidate 3 = What do you think is your greatest weakness?

Strategies:          candidate 1 = the 3rd strategie

                              candidate 2 = the 1st strategie

                              candidate 3 = the 2nd strategie

Activity 2

2             d

3             a

4             e

5             b

Activity 3

  • independent      P
  • opinionated      N
  • strong-minded  P
  • tactful                P
  • vain                     N
  • well-organized P
  • boastful             N
  • domineering     N
  • creative              P
  • determined       P



1. Profit and loss accounts

Activity 1

               turnover = revenue = sales

               profit = earnings

               reserves = retained profit

Activity 2

a.     the gradual loss in value of an intangible asset (like patents or goodwill) AMORTIZATION

b.    the gradual loss in value of a fixed asset (like a building or a vehicle) DEPRECIATION

c.     the gradual payment of a fixed asset or repayment of a loan.  AMORTIZATION

2. Balance sheets

Activity 1

               The things that you own are called ASSETS and the things that you owe are LIABILITIES.

Activity 2

               1b, 2a, 3c, 4f, 5d, 6e, 7h, 8g

Activity 3

               Companies need cash to operate the day-to-day business –like to pay salaries, suppliers or banks. Working capital is a good indication of whether the company has enough cash to operate.

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