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Capýtulo 12:

 Answer Key. Unit 4, 5 and 6


Activity 1

This is a succesful conversation because Glen asks lots of questions, responds to information and sounds interested.

Activity 2

1. F        6. T       

2. F        7. T

3. T        8. F

4. F        9. F

5. T        10. T


Activity 1


Activity 2

Marketing Techniquesaudio
undercover marketing5
direct marketing2
product placement6
viral marketing4


Activity 3

1. The printer is 40.5 cm long and 30 cm wide. It is 15 cm high. When empty the printer weighs 2 kg.

2. The mobile phone is 8.5 cm in length and 4.5 cm in width and 1.5 in height. Its weight is 500 g.


Activity 4

a. loyalty, information about future needs

b. after-sales service, information about product updates

c. cost savings, personalised treatment


Activity 5

1. b ; 2. a ; 3. a ; 4. b ; 5. b



1. Buying

Activity 1

The price is the label on the packet, or the basic price of the product or service, but it is no indication of true value or cost. For example, a chair has a price tag on it of £10. The value however, is related to useable benefits that the chair gives, and the cost implications of using it for its intended purpose. It may be a very cheaply-made chair, in which case if its role is just to last one season in a rented holiday flat and then be thrown away, then that is fine. The CEO of a potential $20m client who sits in a $20 reception chair might decide after all that he doesn't want to place his business with a company who put such a low value on its visitors. What's the actual total cost of the $20 chair then? [To really add value any feature should have some real and tangible effect on the longer term use/replacement value/cost of transaction/reputation for the buyer's business. When confronted with claims of added value, ask, 'exactly what is the added value?' By the same token, if you use the term 'added value' when selling to a buyer, make sure you can demonstrate it.]

For example professional buyers often receive suggestions from users or staff who say they can buy cheaper copier paper from their local discount store. They ignore the cost of the transaction - that to purchase the cheaper paper from a local store involves someone spending time to go there, with cost of travel, the time to complete and fulfill an expense claim - all of which mean the cost of the transaction far outweighs any initially apparent 'price' savings.

Consider also the cost of change, implementation and training. These are also costs of the transaction, and can be enormous - in some cases greater than the basic price of the product or service. IT hardware and software are notable examples where the costs of executing the transaction through to implementation can produce frightening implications for costs, and also for process integrity and continuity.

In summary, whether buying or selling, price is only a part of the actual total cost. Costs of quality including maintenance, disposal, CSR (corporate social responsibility) and environmental factors, and costs of the transaction including buying resources, effort, time, payment terms, and renegotiations (all largely dictated by the seller’s relationship capabilities) must all be considered when assessing or comparing the actual total costs of propositions, products or services.

2. Selling

Activity 1

(suggested answers)

CONVERSTAION 1. [technique B]

Customer:           Listen, your proposal looks great, but I don’t feel ready to change my kitchen now.

Salesperson:       I know exactly what you mean. It’s a big decision to make, isn’t it?

Customer:           Yeah. I’m just worried that I won’t have enough time to do everything.

Salesperson:       Oh I see. Finding enough time is always a problem, isn’t it?

Customer:           Yeah. Things are busy at home, and I don’t have the time for the day-to-day chores, let alone                                           refurbishing the kitchen.

Salesperson:       OK, well I understand. We all want to have things we can benefit from, don’t we?

Customer:           Sure

Salesperson:       So, if we include the dishwasher and robot kitchen cleaner options, I can guarantee that you won0t                regret the change. Are you comfortable wit that?

CONVERSATION 2. [technique A]

Customer:           €4,000! How do you justify that?

Salesperson:       I understand how you feel. Like you a lot of our customers felt that this was more than they wanted                           to spend. However they soon found they were improving their family life. After you start using our                      home cinema system, your children will enjoy spending time with you.

Customer:           Is that true?

Salesperson:       Even more in some cases. Have I answered your question?

Activity 2

1. I think we share the same opinion about his type of product. CUSTOMER-ORIENTED

2. This product is without doubt one of the best on the market. SALES-ORIENTED

3. If you don’t buy this product today, you’ll regret it. SALES-ORIENTED

4. Your satisfaction with this product is very important to me. CUSTOMER-ORIENTED

5. I know that a product like this is just what you need. SALES-ORIENTED

6. Have you seen for yourself how this product can make things easier for you? CUSTOMER-ORIENTED

7. Do you think you will get a better deal elsewhere? SALES-ORIENTED

8. I am sure this product will make your life easier. SALES-ORIENTED

3. Negotiating

Activity 1

  1. I might possibly be able to bring it down a little, but only if we had a five-year contract.
  2. I’d be reluctant to agree to a five-year contract, unless you could guarantee a maximum down time of...
  3. ... so we are happy to guarantee less than 12 hours per month, as long as you choose our premium service level.
  4. I suppose we could do it, providing you paid all s running and ready in two months.
  5. .... let’s split difference.

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