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Capýtulo 11:

 Ansker Key. Unit 1, 2 and 3

Communication Skills


Activity 1

         Nick:           Hi, I’m  Nick.

         Emma:        Hi, I’m Emma. I’m a friend of  Frank.

         Nick:           Yes I know, I work with him. Let me introduce you his sister. She’s here for the weekend.

                              Julie, this is Emma. She’s a friend of Frank.

         Julie:           Hi, Emma. Nice to meet you.

         Emma:        Hi! Nice to meet you, too. Frank has told me a lot about you...

Activity 2

a. John’s a nice guy, isn’t he?

b. He doesn’t live in London, does he?

c. The presentation is great, isn’t it?

d. You aren’t giving a talk, are you?



Activity 1

(free answer, depends ont he company of the student)

Activity 2

         1. Sophia reports                                                               h. directly to me

         2. She also looks                                                                c. after the employees training satisfaction.

         3. She has one personal assistant working                   g. under her.

         4. Meryl deals                                                                     b. with Marketing and Sales.

         5. Mark is responsible                                                       f. for hiring and firing.

         6. He is also in charge                                                       a. of internal communications.

         7. My role is                                                                        d. to manage the Training Department, in HR.

         8. He liaises                                                                         e. with me in Human Resources.

Activity 3

               a.  I work ___FOR_____ for a large international company.

       b.  I work ____IN____ the sales department.

       c.   The colleagues I work ______WITH____ are very supportive.

       d.  I work mainly _____IN______ our London office.

       e.  At the moment I’m working _____ON_____ a big project.

       f.   I have to work ____TO_____ very tight deadlines.

       g.   I work ____ALONGSIDE_______ Jane and Sara in Marketing.

       e.   I am now working _____UNDER_____ Marketing manager Sophia Pawle in Web Design, a young           department.

       f.   I work  ____AS_____ Head of HR ____AT______  Landmart.

Activity 4

a) How many syllables does the word have? 4

b) Where is the main stress? “ly”




Activity 1.

annual - salary

company – car

childcare - facilities

dental - plan

employee - discounts

expense - account

flexible - hours

fringe - benefits

job - sharing

life - insurance

maternity - leave

minimum - wage

pension - scheme

performance-related  -  benefits

redundancy - package

sick - pay

stock - options

susidized - canteen

Activity 2.

The General Manager’s office  is: (one possible answer) between the staff restaurant and the Accounts Department right in front of R&D Department.

Activity 3


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