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Adjectives and adverbs. Adjetivos y adverbios en inglés
Can change a verb: - Dave eats loudly . (How does Dave eat?) - Ann works locally... [21/01/10]
Relative clauses. Oraciones relativas en inglés
Information; there are probably a lot of girls in the room. So how do we distinguish this particular girl? The girl... [21/01/10]
Basics. Normas básicas para enviar un e-mail en inglés
Language. Was it formal or informal? Did you notice how the language changes depending on who you write to? Tone... [21/01/10]
Passives and making comparisons. Oraciones pasivas y comparaciones en inglés
Be called peppers, we differentiate them by calling the hot one chilli pepper and the larger one capsicum. Hint 4. This type of car is... [21/01/10]
Reservations and enquiries. Reservas y peticiones en inglés
May Concern" or "Dear Sir or Madame." 3. Also, remember to include the date. 4. The body of the email should be to the point. It... [21/01/10]
Dealing with problems. Resolver problemas en inglés
_ _ _ _ _ to pay the invoice. If I do not receive an a_ _ _ _ _ within seven days I will be forced to seek legal action. 3.... [21/01/10]
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