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Useful words (palabras o frases útiles)
, afternoons, etc How often.........? [02/06/06]
Question words
? Como de viejo ( para la edad) How much? Cuanto/a ... [02/06/06]
Adverbios de frecuencia - always, sometimes, ...
De una acción combinamos el adverbio often - a menudo con how - cómo: ... [31/01/08]
Inglés principiantes. Apartamento
Out". Where is the adverb? Before the main verb of the sentence. Try Now let´s go back to the movie and see what Janice... [25/10/08]
Las preguntas
(Por qué), How (Cómo), Whose (De quién), How Often (Con qué... [20/04/06]
Define the problem
Planning is answering questions-what must be done, by whom, for how much, how, when, and do on,.... [24/08/06]
Project management
Kind of risk analysis, like FMEA. d) Done of the above. 4. Project scope defines: a) A project manager´ s visibility to the end date b)... [24/08/06]
Inglés intermedio. Película de guerra
. Upper intermediate - war film Study points In this lesson you will learn how to exchange opinions in... [25/10/08]
Unidad 5. Adverbios de frecuencia
%. Frequently (fricuentli) (frecuentemente)...70/60%. Sometimes (somtaims) (algunas veces, a veces)...50%. Otras opciones para... [23/07/07]
Socializing/ small talk
Also certain topics that people often discuss during these moments. Who is Small Talk for? -People with many... [09/04/08]
Adverbios y adjetivos
Deep is that pond? (jáu dip is dat pond) *¿Cuán profunda es esa poza (charca)? How often... [06/05/09]
Phrasal Verbs List
, phrasal verbs often have more than one meaning. As well as learning their meanings, you need to learn... [23/07/07]
Inglés intermedio. Haciendo turismo
De visitas a lugares turísticos y también sobre los días festivos. Upper intermediate - sightseeing Study points In this... [25/10/08]
Marketing and finance
Very often, market is clearly linked to finance. Here you have some basic vocabulary related to marketing and... [09/04/08]
Inglés elemental. Planeando un viaje
Study points In this lesson we are going to talk about how to make comparison in English using superlatives.... [25/10/08]
Inglés gramática. objeto directo e indirecto
Him up. - He wants the boy to throw the ball to him, V. WHAT PLUS INFINITIVE - Her friend told her what to use. A. Modelo ... [30/10/09]
The office. La oficina en inglés
For a large or a small company? INTRODUCTION How many times did you have to introduce yourself and your... [21/01/10]
Monitor and control progress
Not monitoring the highway signs. Of course, if a deviation from the plan is discovered, you must ask what must be done to get back on... [24/08/06]
Adjectives and adverbs. Adjetivos y adverbios en inglés
Can change a verb: - Dave eats loudly . (How does Dave eat?) - Ann works locally... [21/01/10]
Dealing with numbers. Usar los números en inglés
“Once is happenstance; twice is coincidence; three times is enemy action” by Ian Fleming LEAD-IN Thinking... ... [21/01/10]
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