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Inglés. Presente simple interrogativo. Vocabulario: trabajos
,it’s fantastic.Don’t you like it? P:No,I don’t,sorry. J:Do you live alone? P:No,I don’t . ... [10/12/09]
Presente simple
En presente normal + información. Nota: do not = don´t. y does not = doesn´t = estas dos... [23/07/07]
Presente simple
Si queremos hacer frases con el auxiliar del presente simple DO DOES sólo necesitamos recordar... [28/10/09]
Ejercicios de inglés
Pens do you have? (repeat) John How many pens... [30/10/09]
Commercial calls. Llamadas comerciales en inglés
Phrases below: - I’d like to place an order for 70 units please. - Do you have the catalogue number? -... [21/01/10]
Uso de to get (2/2)
Want you to do is to let me know how we can increase o our car sales there ... [28/10/09]
Telephone English Answer Key. Unit 4, 5 and 6
. I want a one way ticket please. 6. At what time does this train leave? 7.... [21/01/10]
Pronombres del predicado
They act fine. It is hard for me to say this, but it is the truth, if they donot change, I am going to have to say goodbye to this... [23/07/07]
Making arrangements. Llegar a acuerdos en inglés
. fix it for next week. agree on 3pm, Thursday. That sounds…. great. good. perfect. Do you... [21/01/10]
Booking. Hacer reservas en inglés
Ticket please. 6. In what time does this train leave? 7. Do I need to take the underway? ... [21/01/10]
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